has signed with Ethereal Gaming

The new and innovative game studio has established a strategic partnership with Ethereal Gaming.

Ethereal Gaming are providing their full suite of products to This includes GDK (Game Development Kit), RGS (Remote Game Server) and their distribution network. will then be able to fully focus on building the best sports themed slot games the world has seen!

Having sports themed slots on a gambling site or as part of a sportsbook page has many advantages:

  • Familiarity: Sports enthusiasts love playing a slot game themed around their favourite sport or favourite team.
  • Engagement: A sports-themed slot game can involve much more than just spinning the reels. There can be bonus rounds where players shoot goals, race cars, side bet on horses. There are endless possibilities.
  • Graphics and Realism: With that latest in game design technology we will boast impressive graphics, animations and even commentary!

Ethereal Gaming, founded in 2023 by industry veterans, is a pioneering tech-centric company dedicated to delivering top-tier technology solutions to its partners. Focused on the online casino space, Ethereal Gaming offers a diverse range of innovative products.

Historically, sports and betting have always had a close relationship. Betting on sports goes all the way back to the Ancient Greeks. After that it was followed by the Roman Empire where people put bets on Gladiators and later the Olympic games. is mixing the adrenaline of sports with the heart-racing vibes of casino games.